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Femslash 20 in 20 Challenge
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Welcome to femslash20in20. The comm was inspired by celeb20in20 and all the other 20in20 challenges that came after it.

The idea is to make 20 icons of the claim of your choice. 10 themes, 5 category set icons, and 5 artist's choice icons.

  • You must be a member to participate
  • All icons must be your own work
  • Each pairing can be claimed twice each round. Also, pairings are first come, first served. If your first choice has been claimed twice, I will add your second choice.
  • You can't claim the same pairing every round, but every other round is acceptable.
  • Stills only, no animation, please.
  • All icons must be PG-13. If it feels iffy, ask me!
  • Three teaser icons maximum, then the rest under a cut or a link to the rest.
  • Icon posts must stay public until voting ends.
  • You'll only have posting access once the round you're signed up for starts, and only for the duration of that round.
  • You'll have 20 days from the day I post info to get your icons in. No extensions.